Mother dog guards abandoned new-born baby

Mother dog guards abandoned new-born baby

The baby girl was found among puppies in a Chhattisgarh’s village. The stray dogs guarded and provided warmth to save the little girl on a cold night.

A newborn baby was abandoned in an isolated area in Chhattisgarh, and later rescued after a dog took care of her for the night. While people fumed over the baby being left in a field, the story of compassion shown by the animal is warming hearts online.

A baby girl was left in a field in the Saristal village of Lormi in Mungeli district. The child was abandoned without any clothing with the umbilical cord was still attached. Surprisingly, stray dogs, which were wandering nearby, protected the newborn. Villagers found the baby after hearing her cry, alongside a litter of puppies. The child was found without any injuries and the villagers believed that the mother dog guarded the human child along with her puppies.

Soon, the villagers contacted the local police and panchayat, who rushed to the spot to provide assistance and save the child. Luckily, baby was well, despite being left out in the severe cold.

ASI Chintaram Binjhwar reached the spot along with the team force and the newborn was rushed to a local hospital, according to local reports. After first aid, the child was referred to The Child Line Project, which is being run by the Child Welfare Committee. The rescuers named the baby girl Akanksha. The committee will decide where the child will live. The police are searching for the family of the newborn and investigating the matter.

Local sarpanch representative Munnalal Patel told ETV Bharat, “We had come out for work and at 11 am we saw that there is a newborn baby girl was lying in the village amid dogs. Then, we informed the health department. After that, the newborn was taken to the hospital.”

Many locals including law enforcement agency officials have called for strict actions against the family of the baby. They also said that the baby should not be returned to the family who could treat the child in such a manner.


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